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Junku Nishimura, smile of Spanish Harlem, New York

Steve Winter, A cougar walking a trail in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park is captured by a camera trap, National Geographic, 2014

Sep 21st | 323 notes | photography

George Porcari, Kids on subway, New York City, 1982

Sep 19th | 308 notes | photography

Paul Zone, Debbie Harry

Sep 19th | 109 notes | photography

Helmut Newton, Esther Canadas, Tommorow’s Girl, Vogue Italia, October, 1998

Sep 19th | 33 notes | photography

Nan Goldin, Trixie on the Cot, New York City, 1979

Sep 19th | 146 notes | photography

Frank Horvat, Coney Island, 1983

Barney Kulok

Sep 18th | 13,794 notes | photography

Jean-Francois Lepage

Sep 18th | 57 notes | photography

Denis Piel, Uma Thurman, 1986

Sep 17th | 7,846 notes | photography

John Stanmeyer, African immigrants on a Djibouti beach holding up their phones to the night sky, searching for a signal to reach their families before shipping off towards Europe and beyond, for National Geographic, 2013

Sep 17th | 191 notes | photography

Richard Sandler, New York City, 1980’s

Cédric Delsaux, Pancarte Hôtel Neige, Zone de repli

Sep 17th | 352 notes | photography

Jean-Pierre Laffont, A prostitute leans playfully on a cop car on 42nd Street Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, May 1980